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CharlieMary’s seasonal collections offer classic everyday pieces with a modern and relevant aesthetic. The garments are comfortable, timeless, of high quality and can be worn longer

Unrecorded pays attention to the details and ensures that every item is finished to perfection because simplicity is not easy. They have a passion for style and produce rich, sustainable clothing

Ecoalf makes beautiful clothing, made from recycled material. Without seeing this from the outside. Ecoalf was born in 2009, both the name and the concept of the brand came after the birth of the founder’s two sons: Alfredo and Alvaro.

Esmé studios does not compromise between durability and aesthetics. They created a fashion brand that is both. With a wide choice of garments for both women and men

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For me, clothing is something that represents me; femininity, comfortable and produced in a sustainable way. I like beautiful fabrics that last a long time. When you work at Fairbee you see the most beautiful products and that is why I have chosen the look that suits me from the different brands. I hope these articles inspire you to go through life well and consciously dressed

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Celebrate the connection

Recently I described to a friend what I think the world is like. I explained that I see a world where everything is connected. Nature with people and people with each other..

JLabel - Campagne Shoot

Aim high

Even though fashion as a self-expression is not a specifically male or female characteristic, there is a kernel of truth that contemporary fashion is mainly a female affair.


The New Dandy

A well-groomed and well-dressed man is nothing new. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries such a man was called a Dandy, at the end of the last century the term “metrosexual” was …


Body Positivity

Until recently, mainstream media and marketing focused on the exceptional: exceptionally thin and ultra-conventionally beautiful people were employed to promote clothing, cosmetics and other products.


Athletic and Honest

Of course we urge everyone to put “a more conscious lifestyle” at the top of the priority list for 2022.

“Fairbee has everything you need for a sustainable lifestyle: from a beautiful dress to a trendy lamp or a nice face cream. And it is more than a store, Fairbee is a platform for a sustainable lifestyle.”

“The young talents that AFW supports fit in perfectly with the Fairbee platform. They and we stand for innovation and sustainability as basic values. Together we strive for a sustainable future in fashion.”

“Fairbee is one of our favorite marketplaces. Their excellent curation of timeless, modern designer brands at democratic prices means that sustainable fashion can finally be part of more people’s wardrobes”.